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Dare to step into a world of exotic fantasy… An experience that other hotels would never dare to offer… An upscale, adults only playground with the utmost privacy and discretion.

Hotel Aladdin is one Miami Airport Hotel that you will never forget. We provide a romantic atmosphere that will inspire you and your loved one to ignite your passions in a way that is not tacky or cheap. Be warned that it is not for everyone. If you are timid, easily embarrassed or offended, Hotel Aladdin is not for you. If, however, you and your partner are looking to fuel your romance and are looking for a fun, private sensual experience, you will certainly be impressed with our accommodations.

We offer a variety of themed suites, each offering a different and unique experience. All of them feature large plasma televisions with Bose home theater systems and lighting which will make you and your partner look and feel like never before. We have spared no expense to provide you with a high end adult experience. Click on The Rooms to explore your options.

Aladdin Hotels are a large successful chain in Venezuela. Created by its owner to provide couples with an escape from the restrictions of a strong conservative religious culture, Aladdin Hotels has a strong following. With literally hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans, Aladdin Hotels has finally brought its hugely successful and daring concept to Miami. With themed rooms that celebrate the sensuality of various cultures all over the world, Hotel Aladdin is bringing a unique experience to responsible adult couples who are seeking it.

NOTE: Hotel Aladdin is for passionate couples and does not condone prostitution, adultery or promiscuity.