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Linda (2015-04-15) from lyon - France

Nice hotel the bed was spacious and comfortable I stayed about one night but the wifi connection didn't work .

D. Lee (2015-03-07) from Duluth - United States

Very pleased with hotel. We are here during Spring break and leaving for Carribean. Do Relaxing AND Close To EVERY THING. The garage was an added bonus. Will stay again.

Jasmine Johnson (2014-07-14) from Boston - United States

From the moment we checked in the employees was very friendly an helpful they assisted with an extra room an we had an emergency they extended the stay the rooms are very clean an in order I would definetly come here again an they have a car rental that's incorporated with them the best!!!!!!!

jesus gutierrez (2014-01-10) from Houston - United States

Very nice hotel

Priscilla Fagan (2013-08-22) from Charlotte - United States

I will be staying at this hotel after a 7 day Caribbean cruise and I am actually MORE excited to stay here than to stop at 4 ports of call.....see you on October EXCITED.....

Julian (2013-07-28) from Miami - United States

Beautiful hotel, excellent service

jairo mantilla (2013-04-22) from cucuta - Colombia

ME PARECIO EXCELENTE...SOLAMENTE QUISIERA RECOMENDAR COMO LLEGAR, PORQUE PESE QUE ESTA JUNTO AL AEROPUERTO ES COMPLICADO LLEGAR, A MI ME OCURRIO...SOLUCION 1 SI SALE DEL AEROPUERTO TOMAR LE JUNE AL NORTE, TRASPASA LA OCQUCHOBE, INMEDATAMENTE HACE U CON CUIDADO Y SE REGRESA, NUEVAMENTE PASA LA OQUECHOBE SENTIDO SUR, E INMEDIATAMENTE GIRA A LA DERECHA, HAY UN GRILL LLAMADO MIAMI, Y LISTO. 2. Desde miami otro punto, buscar la LE JUNE sentido norte sur, y al llegar a oquechobe hace lo mismo La oquechobe es la paralela y junto a un pequeño rio. el resto muy bueno, una ultima recomendacion el return carro no es en el aeropuerto, saliendo del hotel toma la le june, viene una gassolinera, la pasa, viene otra gasolinera SHELL, hacen izquierda y entra a cualquier rentadora de vehiculo a un edificio de parqueo.